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Collins Hand Painted FDCs have been produced since 1978 and their reputation for superb quality has continued to grow. Many cachetmakers come and go, and it's prudent to put your collecting time and hobby budget into a cachet that will have long-term stability and proven quality.


I have made Collins First Day Covers my life's work, and I am an involved member of the philatelic community. I am a co-founder and charter member of the National Cachetmakers Association, a life member of the American First Day Cover Society, a member of the American Philatelic Society, a member of the National Stamp Dealers Association, an elected member of Earl Planty's First Day Cover Hall of Fame, and an honorary lifetime member of the Molly Pitcher Stamp Club of New Jersey.



During the last couple of decades, Collins Hand Painted FDCs have won numerous awards in the national cachetmakers competition held by the American First Day Cover Society. Although I am greatly honored by such awards and recognition, the main goal that I strive for is to be considered "the best" or "number one" by the individual collector. Your opinion is what matters most, and I invite you to try my hand painted cachets and examine them firsthand.


In my opinion, stamp and cover collecting should be enjoyed for the sheer fun of it, and never as a primary investment tool. If however, the future potential value of your FDCs does matter to you, I invite you to look at some of the realizations of Collins cachets on the open market. As new collectors discover my FDCs in future years, my covers of today will become hobby treasures of tomorrow. Anyone can make bold claims, but Collins FDCs offer a verifiable track record of over a quarter of a century. Always keep the fun in collecting.



Each and every Collins cachet is individually hand painted in beautiful watercolors. Brush stroke after careful brush stroke brings each cover to life, and they truly are miniature works of art. You have to see them to believe them, and I invite you to compare them to any in your collection. You be the judge.


If you work within a hobby budget, you'll appreciate the various ways that make my hand painted cachets affordable for almost everyone. You can acquire my lovely First Day Covers on a "per Item" basis or by topic. An optional subscription plan offers a discount, and I accept all major credit cards. My larger sets (Greetings from America, Wonders of America, Wildlife Habitats, etc...) are offered on a one-per-month payment plan. You can build a meaningful Collins collection within your budget.